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SOMADOME Restful Mind

Your Journey to the Present

The Somadome is the first personal meditation dome integrating three healing modalities to facilitate meditation, whole person alignment. and most importantly, a relaxed mind. Choose from guided or unguided meditation tracks. Combining traditional color theory with scientifically tested binaural beat technology and proprietary energy-healing microcrystalline tiles, the curated sessions offer a unique, deeply restorative experience.

Sessions by Appointment

$25 per session with a treatment

$55 per session with day spa enjoyment (no treatment)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dome? It’s a personal meditation dome; a space to calm your senses, relieve stress, and increase focus.

How does it work? While sitting comfortably inside the dome, you will be guided gently through a meditation of your choosing and immersed in a dome of healing light. The dome also protects from emissions from cell phones and other electronicdevices, allowing your body’s natural alignment to be restored.

What are the benefits?  You can expect to experience benefits associated with meditation: greater calmness, increased focus, enhanced creativity, more balance, as well as less stress and anxiety, and reduced negative emotions. You will also benefit from the healing properties associated with the color and binaural beats of your session, as well as from the microcrystalline tiles.

What is the best time? Anytime! Sessions leave you feeling relaxed, replenished, or recharged depending on your need and the track you select.

What is the Length of a session? Sessions are 20 minutes. Please arrive five minutes early before your scheduled session.

 Benefits of the Technology

·           BINAURAL BEATS:

Binaural beats use varying inaudible frequencies to help guide our minds into brain states achieved during meditation. Somadome integrates these beats into all session tracks. Just as Tibetan monks use singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments to help access meditative states, modern technology has perfected these binaural beat frequencies, making their benefits obtainable to anyone searching for peace and mental clarity.


We are constantly inundated with harmful electromagnetic fields caused by man-made electronics. These EMFs are unnatural to our bodies and can create ailments or a feeling of misalignment. Somadome incorporates the use of BioSyntonie tiles, a system of energy healing used worldwide by acupuncturists, that block and dissipate these harmful emissions, creating a sanctuary for natural revitalization.


With the dome immersing you in light coordinated with the selected session, Somadome provides an environment conducive to the gentle and positive health benefits of light therapy. Using colors and light to heal is an age-old technique, premised on the idea that the colors of the spectrum of visible light have specific beneficial health properties. Contemporary research shows that light helps regulate and control the autonomic nervous system and production of melatonin and cortisol, two hormones critical to health and healing.