Finding Balance with Gem Therapy

Finding balance in our lives is critical to our mental and physical well-being and a plan of action is needed to tackle the problem at hand. When our energy flow is smooth and balanced, we feel good. At any point that balance starts to shift in a negative direction, we start to feel empty, tired, confused, pressured, or blocked.  

Chakras are wheels or disk of energy located throughout the body. There are 7 different Chakras directly connected to Prana, which means vital life force that keep us alive, healthy, and vibrant. They are located along the spine from the base to the crown of the head. Here are some helpful tips to guide you to a new balanced you!


·        Ruby, Garnet, and Red Jasper- Place stone on the Root chakra when you desire to bring these areas of concern into balance. Mental: safety, security, basic trust. Physical: knees, hips, and legs

·        Carnelian and orange agate- Use these two beauties for the Sacral chakra which targets creativity, sexuality, and emotional expression. You can target physical ailments located in the hips and lower back as well

·        Amber, Yellow Citrine, and Golden Topaz are great stones used on the Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra targets personal power, wisdom, self-esteem, and can physically help in easing mid back discomfort.

·        Rose Quartz, Green Jade, and Green Calcite- The perfect stones to use for the Heart chakra which targets love, acceptance, and healing. Use in this area if you are experiencing any tension in your arms, shoulders, and the upper back.

·        Turquoise, Lapis, and Aquamarine – Great to use on the Throat chakra to address any imbalance in the areas of truth, communication, and the neck.

·        Amethyst and lapis- Place Stone on the third eye to balance self-awareness, imagination, intuition, and to target physical issues concerning the head (eyes, sinuses, ears etc.)

·        Clear quartz- Great for the Crown chakra which targets spiritual connection and the head as well.

Pairing meditation with gem therapy utilizing the chakra energy points is a great way to achieve balance from within as well as in your outer body. Remember to breathe deeply as you release the old and breathe in the new. Here’s to an abundance of balance in the New Year!

CHAKRASSAGE  This unique healing massage relieves aches and pains caused by stress and tension in the body related to out of balanced chakra centers. Long fluid relaxing massage strokes calm the mind while specially selected stones are placed on each Chakra to return it to its vibrant, healthy, and balanced state. 75 min $205|  90 min $235
MASTER - MONICA PARKS, SenSpa lead massage therapist,  gained her education from Georgia Medical Institute for massage and has a BS Degree in Biology/Chemistry. She utilizes her 10 + years experience in massage to tailor each session to meet clients individual needs and she enjoys showing people how to incorporate spa like treatments and therapies into their daily lives that allows them to maintain health and wellness in between visits.