Hello everyone! My name is Mei and I am one of the newest Estheticians at SenSpa. To give you a little background on myself I am brand new to the West Coast. I was born and raised just south of the Mason Dixon line in rural Virginia. With the many changes that come through a coastal move, I neglected to notice one important change; my skin.

I noticed changes in my skin about a month before the move, when things began to get a little “stressful”. The effect stress can take on our bodies are many but not too often do we hear about how stress can affect the skin. It is not something to be overlooked. In fact, there is an entire field of study called Psychodermatology that addresses the impact of an individual’s emotion as it relates to the skin. Psychodermatology may seem like a complex word but the meaning behind it is very simple. Stress causes our body to produce cortisol, a hormone when produced in excess, will cause an increased production of oil in the skin. Excess oil is a gateway to many skin conditions, the most troublesome being acne.

It took me some time to relate the negatives changes I was seeing in my skin to stress. I began adding more exfoliation to my routine and although that helped, the issue still wasn’t resolved because treating oily skin isn’t as easy as it sounds. There is a fine line when it comes to exfoliating and over exfoliating and over exfoliation isn’t always seen on the surface right away. If the body feels that there isn’t enough oil in the skin due to over exfoliation, or not enough or the wrong moisturizer, it will tell the skin to produce more oil, and the vicious cycle begins. That is a huge reason why moisturizing is so important while treating acne and oily skin. Lots of people will skip this step because their skin already feels “moisturized” due to the oils on the surface. Luckily there are a wide range of moisturizers on the market, even for the oiliest skin types.

Another factor in my transition to west coast living was how the climate would affect my skin. Let me start by saying that Virginia is humid. I never knew how humid until living here in California and realizing that it didn’t require that extra effort to breathe on a warm summer day. My journey to California began with a 10-day trip to Puerto Rico, where the climate is just as humid as a mid-summers day in Virginia. Jumping into that type of humidity along with me not being as strict on my skin care regimen because I was on vacation, was a recipe for congestion. We stayed at multiple resorts so unpacking wasn’t something I took time for. I certainly skipped important steps like eye cream and serum, however the first thing I unpacked from my travel bag was my SPF. It went everywhere with me. I can’t stress enough the importance of an SPF in your daily routine, let alone on vacation in the tropics.

It’s been a few weeks and I’m still paying for my laziness while on vacation. Congesting from using drug store SPF (because that’s all that was brought down to the beach that day,) along with the change in my daily regimen has me overdue for some serious exfoliation. I can say for certain that the problems that stress caused to my skin were taken care of during my amazing vacation. It’s hard to stress while overlooking a beautiful ocean on a private island with a cold drink in your hand.

Currently my skin is ideal for a HydraFacial, which gives you the best of both worlds. The process begins with an exfoliation. Depending on your skin type this can be mild to more aggressive. That is followed by a peel that is best suited for you, then extractions are performed. This treatment is amazing for moisture because of the hyaluronic acid infused throughout the service. It is one of the only acids on the market that is not formulated for exfoliation but for moisture retention. While your skin is being exfoliated and peels are being applied it is then being nourished with peptides and antioxidants to replenish. Luckily for me, HydraFacial is the most popular service we offer here at SenSpa!

I genuinely hope that my experience was informative. I’ve been in the industry for 7 years and I was even shocked to see the changes I experienced in my own skin, so I this blog helps you from making the same mistakes. I am so grateful to be here, and I cannot wait to meet everyone and begin my journey as an esthetician at SenSpa.


Mei Tu began her journey into the beauty world in 2010, working in customer service and management. In 2012 she became a licensed esthetician. Since then she has worked in traditional spa settings performing facials and a speed waxing clinic.  Mei is a speed waxing "waxpert" and has conducted training's in waxing and the art of sugaring.