By Kate Machi, CMT, MFA, RM

Reiki is a hands-on therapeutic healing modality that helps people relax and feel more comfortable in their body. After a treatment, clients say they feel calm, peaceful, renewed, clear, inspired. A trained, heart-centered practitioner “holds space” for the client’s own energy field to be magnified and enhanced. 

Considering that stress-related illnesses have the most devastating impact in our culture: heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, anxiety, and depression -- it’s impressive and encouraging that over 500 studies show that reiki treatments ameliorate anxiety and stress levels, reduce the incidence of disease, increase longevity, and even, wondrously, improve social behavior, i.e., heightened self-confidence, trust in family life, relationships, and job satisfaction.

The best way to understand reiki is to experience it. Much like acupuncture, reiki shifts and stimulates energy to move in a more healthful and rejuvenating way in the body. You already have this energy available in your body but often it is not flowing with ease. Your reiki practitioner does not direct or manipulate this energy in any way. Instead, she “holds space” so that long-held tensions can relax and let go, allowing your body to draw on the energy that is offered and to take what it needs.

Reiki is a completely safe practice; a reiki practitioner does not manipulate, diagnose or prescribe. As with most treatments, consecutive treatments are the most effective, but even one will be helpful! You will always be fully dressed during your treatment. What to wear: loose, comfy clothing, no jewelry, clean socks, slip-on shoes.

Kate brings 20 years of experience and study to her Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, and Reiki-infused bodywork, focusing on nurture, rejuvenation, and relief from chronic and acute muscle tension and emotional stress. A mother of two, a writer, and fluent in French, Kate is an Infant Massage Instructor so she especially enjoys working with women and has a great affinity for moms-to-be.