What is Thai Massage?

By Aleksey Zamanskiy

Traditional Thai Massage is an  extra-ordinary 2500 years old healing arts system in Ayurvedic Medicine, Buddhist spiritual practice, and Yoga. More than just massage, Thai Massage blends gentle rocking, rhythmic acupressure and deep assisted stretches to open, exercise and tone all the systems of the body.

Thai massage is done on a floor mat with the receiver wearing loose, comfortable clothing. This gives the practitioner a lot of leverage and the ability to use their body very effectively, it also allows for movements that are not as effective, or impossible on a table.

There are four positions in Thai Massage: “front” or prone position, “side” position, “back” or supine and “seated” position. The majority of the treatment is in the front position, with a lot of the treatment on the legs. The back, neck and shoulders, which seem to be the area most Westerners have problems with, can be worked in all the position.

As all things in nature try to be in perfect harmony, different body systems, fluids and tissue functions find normal processes called homeostasis. Thai massage support this natural way toward balance. Any imbalance in one system creates imbalance throughout entire body, so if for example, one muscle become spastic or flaccid, the body automatically compensate all others interconnected bodily parts. Due to interconnection of structure and function Thai massage has variety of benefits affected tendons, ligaments, fascia, glands, organs as well as the mind and spirit.  Here are some benefits that Thai massage offers:

·         Reduce stress, pain and swelling

·         Increase blood and lymph circulation

·         Facilitate the removal of toxins, quiets the mind and release of emotional pain

·         Increase joint mobility and energy flow

·         Improve flexibility and body alignment

AlekseyZamanskiy received his Massage Therapist diploma from Kislovoldsk Medical College in Russia. A practicing massage therapist for 30 years, he additionally studied Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang and Craniosacral in the United States. He uses a blend of techniques including Swedish/Esalen Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology to address many bodily issues as well as instructing clients on proper breathing for stress reduction and relaxation.