So often we can pulled in a million different directions. Work, family, school, social commitments, etc. The list is endless but how many of us actually carve out time for ourselves? Regularly it's the first thing to go on the to-do list. Many a times, it's because we haven't laid the ground work to make that particular piece of our lives a consistent event. 

 Listed below are some very easy ways to harvest positive routine and ritual - whether it's 5 mins, a 1/2 hour or longer:

 1. Look at your schedule- what is a realistic time for you? Morning, mid-day, evening? 

·         When does time not get away from you? Do you often have night time commitments or like to live spontaneously? Creating a morning ritual would be best. 

         Do you enjoy a brisk walk in nature at lunch? Mid-day cultivation

·         Is the nighttime slow down more your speed? Carve out time before bed

2. Ask yourself inquisitive questions - what brings me joy? What have I been wanting to call in? What do I do now that I can build upon? Think about the different facets of your life - do you want to learn something? Bring in juicing in the morning? Take a morning jog? 

3. Start small - choose to shift or alter one thing about your day that you can consistently make happen. Exercise? Diet? Meditation? Breath work? 

4. Put it on the calendar - actually make a date with yourself. Honor your commitment - and hold yourself to it. Use the word commitment when addressing others. Do not let others put a value on your personal time.

5. If it falls away - be gentle. Either restart or try something new. There's no rule in "doing something for the self" except carving out the space and time. 


**Terri is a nationally certified massage therapist and graduate of Boulder College of Massage Therapy's advanced program with an emphasis in Neuromuscular/Deep Tissue Massage, Zen Shiatsu and Integrative Holistic Healing. Her advanced training in Oncology Massage continued through The Swedish Institute under Tracey Walton, a leading Massage Therapist and Researcher in the field. Terri currently has a Master Session at SenSpa called Healing for the Cancer Patient. Her approach to bodywork is one of a mindful partnership utilizing distinct knowledge, active listening, and therapeutic application. Terri is an avid skier, runner and yogi.