What is “wellness?” – Great question. But who am I to tell you? True, I work at a wonderful spa surrounded by therapists, estheticians, wellness coaches, and many other experts on the subject. These people live, eat, breath, and drink wellness from an internal fountain of infinite knowledge and wisdom.

Me? I’m still trying to drop the same 15 pounds I’ve been looking to lose since last New Years. From my perch behind the concierge desk I often watch these beacons of wellness in awe and wonder. How do they do it? But then I realize that I have to remember not to be blinded by the light of their effervescent healthy skin, not to be distracted by their unyielding energy.

The truth of the matter is that wellness is a never-ending journey. Even those who seem so healthy in the mind, body, and spirit still struggle to maintain that balance. We all do. So I ask myself – am I well? My answer is a complicated but triumphant yes!

Ok, so I have some work to do in the health department. My physical activity went from workouts 5 times a week to maybe once a week (emphasis on the maybe). However, I’ve started walking and riding my bike to work every day (bonus points for wellness). I drink a ton of water and I don’t drink caffeine or soda (yay wellness). But wellness isn’t all about health either.

When I asked myself this question a year ago, my answer was a resounding no. No I was not well. I was over worked, over stressed, over tired, totally over my living environment – I was just over everything! Sometimes you just get into a funk and it feels impossible to break out of it. Sometimes, if your spirit is hurting, you stop caring about your health. If your mind is tired, your body is tired. We have to look at the big picture and not just the pounds you want to lose or the new exercise class you want to take.

I assessed my situation and I decided to change it. I set goals for myself and worked toward them and now, I have a new job, a new time zone, a new place, a great new comfy bed, and a new attitude.

My advice to those of you seeking wellness is to first recognize the wellness that you already have. Embrace the wellness inside of you. The more you focus on the negative the harder it is to see the positive. Then assess what is keeping you from being more well (or as spell check would prefer me to say: better). You can do it! You can change your whole life if you want to!

Now that my spirit is feeling better, I’m finding it a lot easier to focus on those other things that need improvement and I will think about this lovely never ending journey as I walk to the grocery to buy my lunch. Salad anyone?

Kelly Spillane | Spa Manager