SenSpa is proud to introduce our newest advanced age-defying facial: the Illuminating Deluxe Treatment.  Featuring the latest technologies in lymph vacuum massage, state-of-the-art chemical peel and the clinically-proven Celluma LED system, this facial will kickstart the detoxification, exfoliation and regeneration your skin has been searching for! 

This luxurious experience begins with a machine-aided lymph drainage massage to stimulate sluggish circulation of lymph through facial and cervical lymph nodes.  The myriad benefits of this process may include: increased facial contour with reduced fine lines and puffiness; reduced inflammation due to acne, edema, seasonal allergies or traveling; increased lymph movement helps to ward off illness and is gently stimulating for those feeling low energy.  Many find the process to be deeply relaxing and offers a moment of rejuvenating respite while stimulating the natural healing response.

Our journey continues with a two-layer peel custom-selected by your expert esthetician to best suit your skin’s needs.  The ultimate goal of any peel treatment is to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells while encouraging the skin to produce more collagen and elastin to tighten and firm the healthy, living skin.  A favorite choice is a combination Alpha Hydroxy and Retinol Peel for radiant, luminous skin and is appropriate for almost all skin types.  Our peels require no long-term preparation or downtime, they are designed to be biologically compatible and work with your skin. 

The crown jewel of this treatment is the dynamic Celluma LED low-level light therapy.  Celluma was developed by NASA and approved by the FDA for skin care and pain management.  Much in the same way that plants use light to make chlorophyll energy in their cells, human tissue cells also use light to make ATP energy in their cells.  With this increased ATP energy, skin cells are able to create more collagen and elastin which reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  This increased energy improves circulation to speed the body’s natural healing response to injury or acne and also reduces facial inflammation and redness such as in rosacea. 

What sets Celluma apart is that it is a polychromatic light which means there are three different wavelengths of light working synergistically at different depths and at all times.  You never have to choose which wavelength you need most, because you get the best of all three!  Celluma is proven to be safe, non-invasive and optimally effective in achieving the healthiest, youthful glow.  While relaxing under our full-coverage panel, your hands and forearms will be treated to a warm, soothing massage.  We conclude our treatment by sealing in and protecting the benefits with moisture and sun protection. 

Designed with a wide variety of ages and skin types in mind, this versatile, forward-thinking treatment is active, yet gentle.  It will help you turn back the clock while building healthier, stronger, brighter skin for the future.  Our skilled professionals look forward to working with you to spark the embers of your glow simmering within.