We offer you this cleansing protocol to support your body’s natural systems of detoxification and elimination including the 5 major organs - liver, lungs, skin, kidneys and bowels. It is a lifestyle-based protocol focusing on dietary and other practices to enhance body functions and is best followed for a minimum of a month. To create lasting change may take 2-6 months and continue through a lifetime!

The simple intent of this cleansing regimen is to minimize new toxicants in by consuming food and water with minimal contamination and maximize toxicants out by supporting the organs of elimination. The principal route out of the body for most toxicants is through the liver and the lungs. Many are excreted in greater or lesser amounts by the kidney. Almost all can be excreted by the skin, except a few of the metals.

The increasing level of toxins in the modern environment and the decline in nutrient content of foods in past decades contribute to frequent deficiencies in these systems in the general population. Remember it is common to feel worse for a few days as you begin to detox because you are increasing the level of circulating toxins temporarily - this should improve as toxins move out of the body through the pathways. If you feel like you need extra pathway support, you can add the optional supplements listed below the basic cleansing instructions.

Rest and emotional detoxification during this time are also very important. Getting to bed within an hour of 10pm and waking naturally regulates the function of the organs. Consider the people with whom you surround yourself as well. Consider letting go of relationships that drain your energy and spend time with people that support your vitality and wellbeing. 

Basic Cleansing Instructions:

This regimen presupposes one has had a thorough medical workup within prior 6 months with an appropriate differential diagnostic evaluation and general health screening.

1) Diet: Eat regularly, three times daily with snacks as desired.  Don’t get hypoglycemic.  The prescribed diet promotes elimination by minimizing toxicants in, keeping the pathways of elimination as free as possible. It reduces inflammatory, destructive processes in the body. 

Eat organic foods if possible. Do not eat products that are canned, packaged, prepared, contain coloring, preservatives, additives, chemicals, and so on. 

Eat lots of vegetables and some fruits; try for 8-10  (½ cup packed) servings each day.  They are full of antioxidant substances and fiber that is helpful in detoxification. Brassica vegetables – cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, along with eggs and onions - improve detoxification and reduce tissue toxicity of toxins and drugs due to their sulfur content. 

Eat less flesh and dairy and more vegan proteins, such as tofu, beans, tempeh, nuts, nutbutters and seedbutters (avoiding highly processed fake cheeses and meats).  If you eat fish (small salmon, cod, herring, sardines only) take 1000mg of chlorella with the meal; this will along with the requisite fiber reduce mercury absorption.  If you eat meats, try to eat low-fat cuts from free range grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free animals. 

Eat lots of fiber. It is a great detoxifier as it binds fats, hormones, chemicals, metals and other undesirables in the intestines.  Fiber is found in beans/legumes (the best!), apples, peaches and pears, berries, crunchy vegetables, and whole grains. Eat two to three of these fiber sources at every meal. 

Eat fermented foods such as naturally cultured sauerkraut, kimchee, tempeh, miso, and yogurt (with no added sugar), kombucha, kvass and other cultured beverages. These foods are sources of healthy bacteria which are essential for elimination of toxins through the feces. If you are not eating these foods, use a probiotic supplement, listed below.

Eat at least once daily foods stimulating to liver function and bile flow (lemon/lime, beet, carrot, chlorophyll, artichoke) and/or take 15-30 drops of an herbal digestive bitter 10-15 minutes before meals.

Have no refined or concentrated sugar/sweets, caffeine, alcohol,fried or deep-fried food.

Drink lots of filtered water and/or herbal tea – 2-4 liters/day or more, varying with total sweating time. 

2) Healthy oils (choose one or alternate between them) Taking good doses of these oils as you are detoxing enhances shedding of toxin-containing fats and promotes satiety.

a) Olive, walnut, flaxseed, hemp, pumpkin seed (look for expeller-pressed, cold-pressed to avoid chemicals used for extraction and to preserve antioxidants) 1 Tbsp 1-3 times daily with meals

b) Fish oil 1Tbsp 3 times daily with meals - use a fish oil that has been 3rd party tested for heavy metals to ensure you're getting a clean source. Nordic Naturals is one option.

3) Fiber Remember to work up to full doses of fiber and to drink at least 8oz of water with each dose as it can be constipating. Psyllium husk powder or oat bran or ground flax seed 1-2 tsp 4 times daily, taken away from meals and at bedtime in 8oz water. 

4) Aerobic exercises, to the point of sweating or 20 minutes, ideally twice daily minimum.

5) Therapeutic sweating, optimally once a day through aerobic exercise, saunas or steam rooms or at-home baths. 

Optional Supplements

6) Cofactors Choose a good multivitamin/mineral/antioxidant supplement and take as recommended, plus whey protein powder 1 Tbsp taken three times daily with meals.This extra support will be helpful if you're feeling low energy - the additional vitamins and amino acids from the protein powder help the liver transform toxins into molecules that can be excreted.

7) Probiotics If you're not eating cultured foods and you'd like to further support your intestinal flora use a probiotic of your choice with at least 6-10 billion viable cells per serving. Take once daily with or without meals. 

8) Buffered vitamin C 1000-2000mg three times daily with meals to reduce immune reactivity as toxins are mobilized and to alkalinize tissues. 


*Claire Graser is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and an experienced massage therapist, Claire has a depth of wellness knowledge. Her massage techniques address chronic injuries and chronic muscular pain with a flowing style for optimal relaxation and body ease. Claire also has advanced training in abdominal massage and can work in the area of pelvic rehabilitation for women's reproductive issues and digestive issues.