This week I have chosen "self-awareness" as my wellness goal. Although I am typically drawn to the diet and exercise realm, I felt that doing some personal reflection was due. Maybe it is the season's changing or my desire to have stronger relationships with others that is the driving force behind it all. In any case, I have started a personal challenge.

Reflecting on one's self is not always easy. Knowing that the majority of my trial comes from a deep attachment to the way I think things should be. The expectation's of outcomes, of experiences, of others. The pressure that is set upon a goal is beyond the reality of it's possible achievement. So now, as I reflect on different facets of my life, the real work begins.

My plan is to make this a priority. To put it at the forefront of my day and start with a quiet meditation every morning. I am SO busy. This is going to be the hardest part for me. Slowing down is a HUGE part of the "self-awareness" challenge. And that is exactly why I am doing this. Why am I so busy? Why can I not allow myself to just take 10 minutes for a quiet, silent space? Is it because being alone with my thoughts is too much? Here is the meat of this enterprise.

As I dive in and create a more balanced energy for myself, I am reminded to be gentle and to be open. Evolving, changing and growing all take time and work. Self awareness does not come over night. But enjoying the process and being in the present can happen anytime.


*Terri Eaton is a graduate of Boulder College of Massage Therapy's 1000 hour program with an emphasis in Neuromuscular Massage, Sports Rehabilitation, Zen Shiatsu and Integrative Holistic Healing. Her advanced training continued through The Swedish Institute under Tracey Walton, a leading Massage Therapist and Researcher in Oncology Massage. Terri's approach to bodywork is one of a mindful partnership utilizing distinct knowledge, active listening, and therapeutic application.