SPICED CHAI SHODANA  60 min $155        BOOK NOW 

Melodic notes of nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon soothe your mind and body in this purification treatment. Begin with a full body exfoliation followed by a cleansing shower. Feel total bliss as your skin is replenished with warm Spiced Chai sesame oil that is massaged into your skin. Release, Renew, Replenish…aaahhh.  Pair with Infra-red sauna for extra detoxification. $35  


SENZEN BODY RITUAL       60 min $165   BOOK NOW

The healing ritual begins with our signature full body bamboo lemongrass scrub . Then drift off into bliss with an application of nourishing organic essential oils followed by a warm cocoon wrap and soothing scalp treatment. End your Senzen Ritual with a moisturizing application of Thai Coconut and Lemongrass lotion.


Volcanic Ash clay  mud is applied to rejuvenate sore muscles, stiff joints and dull skin while promoting detoxification. Bask in a luxurious scalp massage while wrapped in a warm mud cocoon that draws impurities out of the skin. Alleviate achy muscles with a full body application of soothing aromatherapy oil. 



Pamper tired legs and feet with this revitalizing treatment.   Enjoy an invigorating foot massage while wrapped in a full leg lymphatic cooling mask that moves waste out while drawing nutrient rich oxygen into fatigued muscles.  A warm peppermint oil massage follows to soothe muscle tension and achy joints. To end, Footlogix Tired Leg Mousse is applied to leave you ready to take on the next step.

BLOSSOMING LOTUS        90 min $240       BOOK NOW

Restore your whole being by using ancient Indian Ayurvedic healing traditions. Begin with deep inhalations of Frankincense followed by a full body Abhyanga style massage using a warm herbal-infused oil blend. Then drift away into nirvana as you experience Shirodhara, warm oil that streams onto your forehead and crown to calm your mind, body + spirit.  

CHINA ROSE DETOX     90 min $240      BOOK NOW

Experience curative Chinese remedies to improve the immune system,  circulation, and reduce inflammation. A gentle scrub using a nutrient rich Konjac sponge softly cleanses, followed by a green tea and Kaolin clay all-over masque with nurturing scalp massage. After a rain shower, indulge in Swedish-Shiatsu style massage with heated rose oil, designed to flush toxins and leave the skin glowing.

ISLAND INDULGENCE       90 min $240   BOOK NOW   

Delight in the Mana (energy) of the islands through this powerful service. Ground the body with inhalations of Ylang-Ylang followed by an invigorating lemongrass body scrub with heated stones. Savor a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage followed by a soothing scalp massage, connecting you to the healing powers of Aina (Mother Earth).

JAPAN BODY BLISS       90 min $240   BOOK NOW

Inspired by a traditional Japanese bathing ritual, rejuvenate your body with the exotic, earth-rich elements of rose, lemongrass, lime -yuzu and bamboo. A full body scrub exfoliates the skin, followed by a cherry blossom rice bran buff and silky Swedish Shiatsu style massage.                                                   


 Harnessing the healing power of the ocean, begin with a full body, dry brush exfoliation followed by a detoxifying gigartina seaweed gel and sea-clay body masque. A highly effective anti-cellulite seaweed gel is applied to problem areas. The seaweed gel acts as a diuretic, clearing excess fluids and targeting "trouble spots." After a rain shower, enjoy a light lymphatic influenced massage to renew + restore.